1. Words and music by Elle Osborne

    Elle - vocals, violin
    Alasdair Roberts - vocals, bass
    Alex Neilson - drums
    Mike Hastings - guitar, tubular bells
    Dave Lynch - Hammond organ

    Recorded by Dave Lynch 02:04:14

    See a few more details on Elle’s website.

  2. 2007-04-25 Volksbühne, Berlin

    Setlist.fm is a peculiar site. It has felt like it was just about to go under for about six years now, and hasn’t had a refresh of its design or an injection of energy in that time. But it lives on. I used to put most of the set lists I knew of from Alasdair’s shows on there - until it became evident that I was, virtually, alone in doing this. Here’s a setlist from seven years ago that someone has just added.

  3. Just found this two-year-old feature on Archive Trails, Galoshins etc

  4. Occasional links, mostly reviews, 2014-09-06

    Alasdair and Ross Whyte are performing songs from their collaboration in public for the first time on 26 October, in Braemar, naturally enough.

    This review of Alasdair supporting Bill Callaghan last month is brief. It reads in full, “Still friendly, still very celtic and folky, and still not really up my alley. The third to last song was fantastic, though!

    This review of Hirta Songs is three or four times as long.

    If you prefer your reviews still longer, denser and more generously sprinkled with references to Wire-friendly artists, in French, here’s one of Spoils for you.

    Naomi Bedford’s album, A History of Insolence, with at least one song featuring Alasdair, is released on Monday:

  5. 13:23

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    Leonard Cohen “Please Don’t Pass Me By (A Disgrace)”

    "A song that I have loved for a long time but that I think is particularly uncoverable is Leonard Cohen’s ‘Please Don’t Pass Me By (A Disgrace)’ off of his Live Songs album. I understand that it was recorded live in London in 1970. It makes…

    Alasdair’s response to the question, “What is the song that you have not yet dared to cover? And why?”

  6. Little bits of the Scots Whay Hae website have been thieved here from time to time. Now here’s an interesting podcast they’ve done on the New Approaches to Traditional Music collaboration with Ross Whyte. Here’s the full post which includes a photo or two. 

  7. Recent collaboration links

    RM Hubbert is releasing another album with a variety of collaborators, including Alasdair.

    In this interview with Jinnwoo, he discloses how he approached Alasdair and others to invite them to collaborate.

  8. In Dispraise of Hunger, performed in Frankfurt a couple of days ago. More where this came from, if you search YouTube

  9. Naomi Bedford with Alasdair Roberts