1. Occasional links 2014-04-13

    May brings more Roberts/Robertson performances of Hirta Songs around the celtic ray:

    • at Laugharne, as part of one of the Dylan Thomas centenary festivals there this year
    • and in Dublin as part of the Writers Festival there

    Is Bill Callaghan coming back to Europe in August with Alasdair in support?

    Ummm…Das stimmt!

  2. Update: Here’s a little more about jinnwoo.

  3. Occasional links 2014-04-06

    For anyone who doesn’t check Alasdair’s official site as frequently as this one (bizarrely at least one such person exists), there are quite a few new dates on the live page. But not included there is this puppet show with Shane Connolly in a caravan next Sunday. Ages 5 and over.

    A review of the recent Hirta Songs performance in London from the Financial Times: “He sings in a very listenable, endearingly wobbly, occasionally yelping tenor brogue, and has a strong feel for the natural world, as well as a love of droll, poetic word play.” 

    Want to play Farewell to the Fowler? This transcript of the chords probably flouts all kinds of rights, but may help.

  4. Olivia Chaney singing Waxwing in London last week.

  5. Occasional links 2014-03-30

    Martin Carthy has some typically generous words for Alasdair and other singers of a younger generation in this interview

    Point Google Translate or similar at this Dutch review of The Furrow Collective and see what you get. 

    Robin Robertson returns to his native Aberdeen for this May festival performance with Alasdair.

  6. Seán’s photos of The Furrow Collective at Kings Place last Thursday. Many thanks to him.

  7. 2014-03-27/28 Outlandish Nights, Kings Place, London

    A quick note about Alasdair’s recent performances in London.

    Thursday’s show was curtailed by the late arrival on Alasdair and his Glaswegian friends, following a travel nightmare. Robin Robertson opened with a half-hour reading of his poems, including By Clachan Bridge and Leaving St Kilda. The second set comprised largely a performance of the rest of Hirta Songs, minus the harp and in a slightly different order (I think the first two songs were switched), with each song introduced by Robin. This was followed by two fiddle and guitar tunes by Alasdair and Neil McDermott and a band performance of Waxwing before the venue curfew brought an end to proceedings.

    Friday’s Furrow Collective show was all (I think) of the songs from At Our Next Meeting, again slightly reordered, plus, as an encore, a performance of Light of the Moon, from the singing of Packie Byrne (Spotify), accompanied by Marry Waterson and Neill MacColl.

  8. Many thanks to Seán, as ever, for this bumper set of exclusive photos from last night’s Hirta Songs performance at Kings Place, London. Set list to come shortly.

  9. Occasional links 2014-03-23

    A couple of collaborative festival appearances:

    • with Gillebride MacMillan at the Gaelic Voices festival, London Irish Centre on 17 May (at least I think this is a collaboration — it’s hard to tell from the billing)
    • with Robin Robertson at Ledbury Poetry Festival on 4 July

    A review of The Furrow Collective gig in Bury last month.

  10. The Furrow Collective live BBC session