1. Recent collaboration links

    RM Hubbert is releasing another album with a variety of collaborators, including Alasdair.

    In this interview with Jinnwoo, he discloses how he approached Alasdair and others to invite them to collaborate.

  2. In Dispraise of Hunger, performed in Frankfurt a couple of days ago. More where this came from, if you search YouTube

  3. Naomi Bedford with Alasdair Roberts

  5. Hi Pete, in case you drop by — hope all is well…

  7. Occasional links 2014-07-27

    Dark Northumbrian’s gig at the Recon festival now has a specific date and venue: 27 September in Leeds.

    Here’s the full playlist of the Ballad of Shirley Collins not-quite-tribute not-quite-album.

  8. Alasdair pops up three times, in interview and performance, in this documentary from the Fading Trails festival back in February. (First at about 4 minutes 45 seconds in.) 

  10. 2014-05-10 Aberdeen May Festival

    Robin Robertson at Aberdeen May Festival

    Alasdair Roberts at Aberdeen May Festival

    Alasdair Roberts and Robin Robertson at Aberdeen May Festival

    Many thanks to Chrissie for sharing these pictures and words (and apologies for taking so long to pass them on).

    What a wonderful hour I spent at the Aberdeen May Festival, held at Aberdeen University  on 10th May. It was truly worth the near 8 hours travelling up and down from Edinburgh. Much as I love the album, a vocal and guitar rendition was quite exquisite and so eerie. I was rapt. Robin introduced each song with a brief explanation of it’s content, and also did the short poem “Well of Youth”. He didn’t tackle the much longer “Leaving St Kilda” though. Alasdair was in wonderful voice and his guitar playing so beautiful. To close the show, he did a medley consisting of the traditional ballad, “The Baron O Brackley”, which segued into “In Dispraise of Hunger”.