1. Two contributions

    Lisa Knapp has a new five-track EP out, called Hunt the Hare - A Branch of May (Folk Radio review). Alasdair contributes guitar and backing vocals to the two-part title track. The EP is available for £6 as limited edition, hand-stamped, numbered CD and/or digital download. Thanks to Annie for passing this on.

    And thanks to Rob for flagging this from the latest Rif Mountain e-news

    The new Leigh Folk Festival compilation CD Wrecks, Rucks, Riots & Resurrection is going to be released imminently, and it’s another fantastic collection including RM exclusives from Nancy Wallace, Jason Steel and The Straw Bear Band, plus a track from Diana Collier and Steven Collins’ new group Greanvine, alongside Alasdair Roberts, Martin Carthy, Sharron Kraus, Kate Denny and many more. Keep you eyes on http://www.leighfolkfestival.com for more info

    As noted previously, Alasdair performs Galoshins at the festival on 24 June.

  2. Weekly links 2010-12-20

    Inclusion in “best of 2010” lists (all for Too Long in this Condition except where noted):

    I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned Alasdair’s new Joy to the Person of my Love 7” single before. It’s on sale from Rif Mountain (certain to be a limited edition, so snap it up quickly). My copy arrived this morning — I’ve listened to one side, and now I’m off to listen to the other.